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About me

Your event is not about me. It's about you, your story and your end goal.


Whether you're looking to plan a virtual or in-person conference, convention, AGM, fundraiser, campaign, high-profile meeting or press conference, you need an event designer and producer that will not only plan the "show" but also protect your reputation and showcase your organization in the best possible light. 


This is achieved by planning a great program that captures and maintains your audience's interest and attention, finds the right balance of engagement and interactivity, and is executed to perfection, delivering on your goals.


That's what I do.

About Me
Rona Ambrose

Deputy Chairwoman
TD Securities

I have known and worked with Vida since I was first elected to Parliament in 2004. She is calm under pressure, creative, organized and a decisive problem-solver. When the way of doing business shifted with the pandemic in 2020, Vida pivoted successfully to virtual event production and pulled off hosting the first-ever virtual Conservative Party of Canada convention.

Lisa Raitt Headshot

Vice-Chair, Global Investment Banking 

I have worked with Vida through numerous National Conventions and leadership races, which included multiple debates and election events.  The most recent events took place during the Covid Pandemic. Vida naturally transitioned to virtual production with flawless execution of these events.  She provides calm, effective leadership, often under intense pressure and works very well with both organizers and performing talent which always results in a smooth production.

Jamie Ellerton Headshot


Vida is a total pro. With a vision for what’s possible, complemented by detailed management, she understands how intricate parts come together to be greater than their sum. Her guide and grit will ensure your success. Vida always finds a way forward that positions you to look your best and to succeed.

Dr Leslyn Lewis

Lewis Law

I am delighted to recommend the services of Vida Brodie with whom I recently had the opportunity to work on several high profile political events. Despite many uncontrollable external factors, including sudden changes in venue capacity, she excelled at strategic and logistical planning, as well as the execution of complex, multi-faceted, high-stakes events that took place under the microscope of the media.

I work directly with my clients every step of the way, from goal setting to creating an event that tells a story. It’s my job to produce flawless, meaningful, and interactive experiences that engage the host and the audience, whether it’s in-person or online.


Hybrid Events


Campaign Style Events

My clients hire me for my reputation. They can be assured that I will protect theirs, along with their budget.

Campaign Style

Clients can rely on my record of success and extensive network of trusted partners to deliver high quality, high-production value events, both on-time and on budget, with a lasting impression.

Eventco - Corporate Events

Corporate Events


Media Events

If your event is intended solely for media or if you desire media attend your event, you need to set them up for success, and showcase your event in the best possible light. That requires working with production teams to provide optimal lighting, usable work space, and easy access to the event space, so they can do their jobs. I have 20 years of experience working with national and local media organizations. I know what they need.

Media Events
Speaker/Talent Prep

Now, more than ever, event speakers must be engaging and interact with your audience, especially in the virtual world. Speakers must understand the platform technology and run of show, have a proper backdrop, microphone and audio, and know what to do if something goes wrong. I set speakers up for success through detailed training and rehearsals so your event can triumph.

Talent casting and speaker preparation 



Eventco productions have been broadcast in all traditional media outlets in Canada as well as live-streamed on YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitter, reaching millions of viewers and readers across Canada. 

Eventco - Media Logos


Working with me is not like working with a large agency that has a high overhead of junior staff doing all the work. 

I am an experienced professional with an exemplary reputation. I can pull an expert team together at a moment’s notice and work around the clock within your budget.

I have an extensive network across Canada and the US of trusted partners, industry leaders and respected advisors that I hire on a ‘gig’ basis to execute events based on my clients’ needs. 


These include creative agencies & visuals experts, digital event platform and livestreaming vendors, audio visual experts, online electronic voting system vendors, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and translation and simultaneous interpretation professionals. 


I have worked with hundreds of venues, food & beverage providers, transport operators, tour operators, security specialists, and media outlets.


My clients rely on my record of successes and an extensive network of trusted partners to deliver high quality, high-production value events, both on-time and on budget, with a lasting impression.


  • 20+ years in the event business

  • Experienced leadership

  • Creative vision & event design

  • Strategic event programming

  • Digital expertise

  • Interactive hosting

  • Meaningful audience engagement

  • Interactive customer experience

  • Live event broadcasting 

  • Media relations

  • Reputation management 

  • Talent sourcing & casting

  • Speaker preparation

  • Speaker management

  • Issues resolution 

  • Industry collaboration 

My Expertise

Thanks for reaching out. I'll be in touch soon!


Email, text, call me or fill out the form below. +1.403.700.6091

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